Album: International 4-Way Split (2013)

Song: Burden

Bitrate: 160kbps

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.45 Stainless was formed august 2009 in Turku, Finland. Idea to play hardest and heaviest hardcore they could and slowly after being started .45 Stainless would soon be a real full-time, hard working band. With lots of people going through the band, it took some time to find a stable, solid line-up. But with ambition high right from the start, as soon the couple first songs we're written, the band decided to "fuck it" and record an album right away. Inspired by the heaviest hardcore bands around, such as; Shattered Realm, Bulldoze, Irate and Nasty, .45 Stainless set the studio and was out to create some heaviest and hardest shit Finland has ever heard. First album: 'O.G.B.D.' was released by Beatdown Hardwear Records from Germany in Summer 2011. After OGBD, .45 Stainless set out to play numerous shows and started to focus on new material. Later in 2012 .45 will combine their forces with Sweden's most promising hardcore act, Bitter Taste Of Life, for a Split 7", that will be released as a joint release by the bands themselves and Swedish label, World Vs. Cometh. This Split will feature two new .45 Stainless songs and while in studio, the band recorded couple extra songs, so there's going to be a lot of new .45 Stainless mayhem out NOW. Check out three new songs online new; "Sokka Irti - FTW" (from BTOL / .45 - Split), Tellin' It Straight and Go Home!

.45 Stainless / Bitter Taste Of Life - Split 7" OUT NOW! 5 euros + shipping!
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Label information: (O.G.B.D. CD) (BTOL/.45 -Split 7")